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This platform will guide you through the steps of buying your first home. It’s simple and free. Take advantage of our expertise for a customized, pain-free experience.

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The 4 Major Steps

Here is an overview of the four major steps you need to follow to simplify the purchase of your first home.



During this stage, take time to find the best financing terms for your situation.

  • Set a balanced and realistic budget
  • Optimize your credit score
  • Qualify for a mortgage

Key resources:
Real estate broker
Mortgage representative

Property Search

Find the right property for you. Our team is here to help you find it!

  • Determine property type and ideal location
  • Understand all fees related to your purchase (your team will help you avoid unwelcome surprises)
  • Register for a real estate mail alert so you won’t miss out
  • Get an analysis of comparables to determine a fair price

Key resources:
Real estate broker


Your team of experts will give invaluable advice to negotiate the best price for your property.

  • Learn about negotiation tips and strategies
  • Make an offer that will protect you and meet your needs
  • Prepare with your team for the big day at the notary

Key resources:
Real estate broker
Mortgage representative
Building inspector

After the purchase

Ensure smooth sailing...even after the ink is dry.

  • Use our advice to optimize your move
  • Maintain your property and increase its value with our simple tips
  • Take advantage of a team that will be there for you after the purchase

Key resources:
Real estate broker

Property access made simple

Your dream home is more affordable than you think. Save time and avoid unwelcome surprises with our free, no-obligation platform.

Tips at a Glance

We have simplified and organized all the information you need about buying your first home. Here are 3 samples of our content. Create an account for access to a ton more tips on optimizing your buying experience.

A Team of Experts

Don’t go it alone when you can have expert guidance! Your Sutton real estate broker will help you through the homebuying process, with zero obligation and no fees.

Real Estate Broker

This person is always available to help you find your perfect home

Mortgage Representative

Your financing expert who will unravel the ins and outs of securing a mortgage

Building Inspector

The expert that analyzes and checks all aspects of the property you want to buy.


Professional that authenticates and protects your legal interests

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